Throwing Mountains

Growing a "Steel Spine" for Servant Leadership with Author Tim Tucker

September 28, 2023 Mike Hatch & Chris Bolinger Season 3 Episode 109
Throwing Mountains
Growing a "Steel Spine" for Servant Leadership with Author Tim Tucker
Show Notes

Servant leadership is a very trendy topic these days, but practically speaking it's one of the hardest things to do.

Tim Tucker, Author of Grab a Towel: Christ-Centered Leadership for the 21st Century, has been through tremendous hardships in his life. Somehow, God has empowered him through those times of overwhelming grief and hardship to continually don the towel of servant leadership.

Tim shares his compelling story of God's faithfulness in his life and how, often in spite of himself, the Lord used him to foster a movement in Africa. He credits his impact to the "steel spine" God provided him.

Tim lives in Cape Town, South Africa and has a PhD in Practical Theology from North West University. In 2013 Tim joined The Message Trust, founding the first international hub of The Message in Cape Town, South Africa. They officially launched The Message South Africa in February 2014 with a focus on reaching tough urban youth through Gospel-centred and holistic discipleship programmes.

In 2023, Tim joined the Message global development team and is responsible for the African region.

Tim is passionate about Africa and, in particular, investing in African leaders. His first book, The Pace Setter, was published by Message Books in 2014. The second book, Grab a Towel: Christ-centered leadership for the 21st century, was released in May 2018. In 2019 he released an autobiographical book called Grief and Grace tracking his journey through the loss of his late wife. Tim is currently married to Christina and they have four children.


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