Throwing Mountains

Leaving the Christian Music Machine with Ben Calhoun

February 21, 2024 Mike Hatch & Chris Bolinger Episode 148
Throwing Mountains
Leaving the Christian Music Machine with Ben Calhoun
Show Notes

Just a few years after his band, Citizen Way, scored its first #1 song, Ben Calhoun left the Christian music industry.

He never stopped making music. But his experiences in the industry have shaped how he approaches his craft and inspired him to help other artists who strive to use the gifts and talents with which God has blessed them.

Ben’s story and insights will make you take a closer look at how you are using your own gifts and talents to fulfill the Great Commission.

The son of a pastor and musician, Ben is a proud husband and father of three girls in Franklin, Tennessee. He also is the founder of:

  • General Records, which helps artists with songwriting, production, music videos, and general mentoring and management
  • Generosity Rocks, a non-profit fundraising platform for musicians and missionaries

 Email Ben at

00:00-04:00 introduction
04:00-07:05 Ben’s fence-post stories
07:05-09:20 starting and being in a band (Citizen Way)
09:20-15:35 issues with the Christian music industry
15:35- 21:55 issues in the local church
21:55-25:45 a better way to make disciples
25:45-33:22 the importance of the Bible for men
33:22-38:35 banding together with other men around God’s Word
38:35-45:37 how the Bible caused Ben to trust in God
45:37-48:48 the Bible vs. culture
48:48-end supporting Christian artists; the perils of “platforms”

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